Leash and Collar

Cute Dog stuff and more!

Leash and Collar

Cute Dog stuff and more!

Catch you at our next event! 


Catch you at our next event! 

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About Us

Daisy...the Real OG


It all began with this girl. She was the love of my life. She was our first dog. Our first rescue, She showed me how the love of dog could change your life. In this picture, I had just given her a bath. I went inside to grab a towel and came back to find her covered in mud. 

Max...the VP of Toys


This is Max. He likes toys. And kids. And dogs. And the beach. And food. 



She loved Daisy just as much as we did. This was her face when we brought Max home. It's okay. She likes him now. Kind of. 


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